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Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, Dr. Elmhurst went on to embrace a life of commitment to building her knowledge and skills to counsel and consult with youth, teens and families through the lens of social work and family system’s practice.


Dr. Elmhurst received her Bachelor of Social Work from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, as well as her Masters of Science in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University in New York City. Following her Masters, Dr. Elmhurst made the move to Kelowna, BC where she worked to provide clinical counselling services for children and youth in care. From there she moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where she completed her Doctorate of Clinical Social Work practice with a specialization in trauma from Tulane University.


Unique to her practice, Dr. Elmhurst efficiently employs past clinical and educational experience to meet the specific needs of her clientele. This is done by incorporating mixed evidenced-based practice modalities, which include: narrative/talk therapy, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and dialectical behavioural therapy. All components of Dr. Elmhurst’s practice are supported by the Strengths-Based and Empowerment Perspective, which emphasizes a collaborative relationship with the client. All practice is client-centred, in which individuals are supported as experts over their own lives. 


To her core, Dr. Elmhurst believes that as individuals we each have the ability to channel unique personal strengths and resiliencies to overcome life hardship and adversity. Therein, it is through client partnership that Dr. Elmhurst innovatively creates a safe space for each client to continue on their unique journey of self-exploration and healing. Dr. Elmhurst provides carefully conducted one-on-one counselling with youth, teens and adults of all ages. Specifically, Dr. Elmhurst partners with clients to challenge varying mental health related-concerns and life transition issues: conflict and anger resolution, grief and loss, depression/anxiety/eating disorder and disordered eating issues, sexuality/relationship/codependency/attachment issues, PTSD/trauma. 


Importantly, Dr. Elmhurst also believes in the strength of a therapeutic partnership that actively encourages each client to make the change and insight needed for their personal growth. Dr. Elmhurst’s counselling practice values an introspective client process, valuing small steps that develop the confidence to foster inner strength and resilience resulting in lasting change. 

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