The Budding Elm Child Teen Youth Counselling

Welcome to The Budding Elm, a practice dedicated to supporting youth, teens and families within the Victoria and greater Victoria area. Through active community networking, professional partnership and our unique wrap-around counselling approach, we at The Budding Elm confidently provide youth, teens, and families from all walks of life with the tools required to foster resilience, strength and effective coping.


The Budding Elm values a client-centered approach where our services strengthen and empower clients to be the best version of themselves. Our services are broad and include assessment & diagnosis, school observations, community partnering, individual, group and family counselling.


Nestled in beautiful Oak Bay Village, the office has been well-designed with counselling rooms for youth, teens, families, groups and collaborative meetings. If out of office support is what you prefer, The Budding Elm offers Exposure Therapy and Walk & Talk Therapy options. Our team is dedicated to finding the right counselling program for you!


Please feel free to schedule an office consult here. We would be thrilled to have you come and visit our new space!