Here at The Budding Elm: Counselling & Consultation Services Incorporated we strive to help families connect on a deeper level that strengthens both individuals as well as their relationships.  The Budding Elm Counselling Child youth teen family counselling. The Budding Elm: Counselling & Consultation Services, Inc. is an Oak Bay based counselling, and consultation centre for individuals, youth, and families. The Budding Elm: Counselling & Consultation Services, Inc. (hereafter referred to as The Budding Elm) is located at 205-2187 Oak Bay Ave, Oak Bay, BC V8R 1G1. Services and programs in the areas of mental health counselling, psychoeducational training, and consultation in the areas of health, wellness, social skills, empowerment and lifestyle engagement and support, as shown in our plan, have an excellent profitability level, growth rate, and diversification potential. The Budding Elm has a competitive edge in the counselling and consulting market and has the ability to fill a demand in the market with personalized, authentic services. Our centre differs from traditional counselling services because of the three pillars that the Budding Elm is built on, the individualized care provided, effective use of technology to further those pillars and values, and the ability of team members to work collaboratively and creatively to maximize the potential of the Budding Elm throughout the community.


Our overarching goals are to:

 Provide counselling to children, youth, adults and families

 Provide various therapeutic group sessions (youth & parent engagement, youth empowerment, family work)

 Provide consultation for individuals and business (communication, team development, introversion/extroversion, motivation)



The Budding Elm serves as a mental health service provider whereby youth, families and external groups collaborate with practitioners and consultants to rekindle their hope, strength and resilience through the acquisition of skills, strategies and psychoeducational programming that challenge mental health adversities.


At the fundamental core, the heart and spirit of the Budding Elm is its deep-rooted values, beliefs, priorities and direction. Described below these principle values impact every aspect of the organization and are unanimously shared by the Budding Elm team. This is demonstrated and modelled in action through personal work behaviours and performance, collaborative decision making, contribution, and interpersonal interaction with client and community.


With a perspective lens dedicated to finding strength and goodness in situations of adversity the Budding Elm focuses on the following core values:

 Integrity, Equality & Respect: the honest, equal and kind treatment towards self and towards others

 Strength & Resilience: the belief that all individuals, families and groups have within them the capability, skills and potential to achieve goals and overcome hardships

 Persistence & Challenge: the belief that hard-work and determination are key ingredients required to achieve goals, learn and fulfill life purpose and actualization

 Collaborative Partnership: the belief that a team approach provides individuals, families and groups with the strongest model of support to challenge, learn and grow

 Compassion & Empathy: the provision of a safe space whereby all individuals, families and groups are met with nonjudgement, acceptance and understanding

 Child counselling, youth counselling, play therapy, teen counselling, family counselling, adult counselling, anxiety, depression, grief, christian counselling all provided.


 To illustrate authenticity  To choose positivity  To communicate intently  To highlight strength  To be the change


The Budding Elm operates as an Interdisciplinary team working together and utilizing individual professional strengths and training to maximize the benefits to clients. The value that is placed on collaborative relationships with external community systems is integral to the holistic nature of the care delivered by practitioners at The Budding Elm. Operating via a trauma informed, action oriented lens, The Budding Elm incorporates real life, challenge based, experiential counselling in every session. A forward thinking team, the practitioners at the Budding Elm utilize evidence-based practices and current clinical research to deliver individually tailored counselling and program plans for clients.

The strength of the Budding Elm resides in the strength of the team, how they work together and interact in keeping with the vision and mission of the practice while utilizing their strengths.

The Budding Elm Counselling Child youth teen family counselling

The Budding Em Victora Counselling Child, Teen, Family

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